Koji’s Quest

Koji’s Quest is a unique cognitive training tool full of fun and adventure.

Designed specifically to engage the player in increasingly more challenging brain training activities. By playing Koji’s Quest, the user is immersed into a new reality, and a story set in various worlds with breathtaking environments.
With the help of the main character Koji, users can explore these new worlds. Koji provides companionship, motivation, and useful instructions, as players progress through the new environments. Each world is designed with its own particular set of exercises to train, specific brain functions from important cognitive domains.
By completing these challenging tasks, the user is rewarded with in-game coins, tokens and other incentives. The user will also try to regrow the branching’ Tree of Life, a visual metaphor for the users’ cognitive rehabilitation progress.

Executive Functioning

Trains: Multitasking, Prioritisation, Inhibition, Decision Making

Visuospatial Functioning

Trains: Mental Rotation, Visuospatial Reasoning, Planning


Trains: Long Term Memory, Short term Memory, Visual Working Memory

Crystal Calculation Forest

Trains: Counting, multiplication, symbolic numerical representation

Selective Attention:

Trains: Selective Attention, Inhibition, Information Processing Speed

Divided Attention:

Trains: Divided Attention, Visual Attention, Information Processing Speed