Improve your life
with science-based brain training

A healthy brain is important.

NeuroReality understands the importance of your cognition. Therefore, we are on a mission to activate brains through science-based brain training. 

We need our brains to function in our daily lives. Cognitive deficits following brain injury severely impact people’s lives, but they are often overlooked. Hence, NeuroReality creates fun and engaging brain training games that can be played anywhere, anytime.

Making a change!

NeuroReality changes the way people approach cognitive training and rehabilitation.

NeuroReality develops virtual reality games that train a variety of cognitive skills such as: calculation, attention, memory, visuospatial abilities, executive functions, and reaction time. We do this by offering easily accessible and fun games tailored to fit the user’s specific needs. Our games challenge, motivate and engage the user, changing otherwise tedious training into an enjoyable experience.

Science-based brain training made fun

Fun on the outside. Research at the core

By utilizing a powerful combination of scientific research and gamification,our games generates insightful data that empowers the training and rehabilitation process. NeuroReality has a close collaboration with Utrecht University & the Free University Amsterdam. This allows us to gather scientific evidence regarding the benefits of using VR games to help individuals with brain injury recover.